Office Privée

Office Privée Wealth Management Services

The Office Privée Wealth Management Services division provides clients of Office Privée with access to top level wealth management and banking services without stress or complication.

The Wealth Management team provides a unique service to clients of Office Privée and acts as a totally confidential gateway of communication to banks and financial institutions where Office Privée has built up strong relationships. Discreet negotiations go hand in hand with strong management and commercial experience to give unparalleled access to and open lines of communication between our clients and financial institutions who themselves are used to working with and trust the professional framework that Office Privée brings to bear to its clients business activities.

The Office Privée Wealth Management Services division is operated in a measured and conservative manner and draws on our international network of members and ambassadors with a truly global reach, including London, Moscow and the Middle East.

In particular the services cover:

• bespoke investment management
• pensions and retirement planning
• real personal banking services
• financial planning
• mortgage products for property, aircraft and art financing
• fund management
• guidance for sports professionals

In keeping with other divisions and service offerings of Office Privée the financial advisors that it relies upon are all regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

To find out more about Office Privée’s Wealth Management Services division please contact Office Privée.