Office Privée

Office Privée Corporate and Trustee Services

The Office Privée Corporate and Trustee Services division provides an exceptional level of service to our clients with absolute discretion. Our international clients, their families and advisors benefit from tailor-made solutions designed around both their business and personal needs.

By definition, every Office Privée wealth management structure is unique. As a result, we are obliged to invest significant time and effort into our clients’ affairs in order to gain an intimate understanding of our clients' business affairs and their goals; thus providing a platinum level bespoke solution.

In a rapidly changing legislative environment the consequences of obtaining the wrong advice can lead to expensive and long-lasting problems effecting both business development and family affairs.

Office Privée’s primary goal is therefore to understand the needs of our client and in that way we can provide a specific high quality service tailored to our client. We create a relationship of trust and mutual respect underpinned by integrity.

Trusts, foundations, holding companies, limited partnerships and protected cell companies are just some of the wealth management vehicles that we establish to assist our clients to better manage their affairs and are an essential part of our modern, international and wealthy clients’ activities, specifically designed to meet their discreet business and personal requirements.

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