Office Privée

Office Privée Deal Brokering Services

The Office Privée Deal Brokering Services division provides direct proprietary investment opportunities originating from the Office Privée group and selected third parties. These investment opportunities are either exclusive to the Office Privée group or have not been widely marketed.

We connect our clients from across the globe and align their business interests whilst overlaying the specialist services from within the group to facilitate transactions.

Investment opportunities are presented to our Office Privée clients through the Office Privée Deal Book which is available through secure access from our web site or can be obtained by email pdf on request. The Deal Book is regularly updated to set out up to the minute opportunities to assist our clients in keeping their finger on the pulse on international transaction opportunities as well as having first call on the vast range of deals that are being developed at every level of the group's activities.

Office Privée allows clients to leverage the geographical and entrepreneurial diversity of our client base. Clients can request to be shown a specific sub-set of deals, by structure, size, region or by industry group.

The group additionally provides access to selected opportunities sourced from third parties including private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, direct investment and tangible property such as art, aircraft and yachts as well as distressed assets directly from the banks and other major financial institution.

Office Privée provides customised solutions across all asset classes drawing on expertise from within the Office Privée group services including due diligence, foreign exchange, legal support and tax structuring - thereby providing the client with a professional, confidential and discreet 360⁰ business solution tailored to their specific transaction.

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